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Square Enix: Final Fantasy XIV After “regain the trust of fans will be difficult”

When a company openly admits that one of his own game is bad, then we can be sure that they have spoiled, and have done a biblical scale. This was what happened with and Final Fantasy XIV, an error that the company intends to amend as soon as possible with Reborn Realm to regain the confidence of the players, something that will not happen overnight the.

“Losing the trust of fans is easy, but it is very difficult to recover. We believe that the reconstruction of can be a starting point for users to come together and say ‘this is great, I can see what they can do with Final Fantasy XV or XVI’.

We have long tried to gain their trust, but that is something we owe printing company effort as long term, “said Naoki Yoshida, producer of the game.

Since his arrival in 2010, the fourteenth installment of the series began to reap extremely negative reactions to or across the world, a fact that is rarely seen in previous installments of the franchise and the producer is not willing to tolerate.

“To restore confidence we have to show the fans that we are behind the project and that Square Enix is putting dedication to make something worthwhile. In the 25 year history of Final Fantasy has not been a game series that has failed, so I just can not let this title fail. “

Final Fantasy XIV: Reborn Realm has been in development since the original was released. Makers expect later this year are made public as a beta for players on PC and PlayStation 3.

A lesson learned for the company Nippon, though it remains to see the results of the blow suffered. However, for many fans who grew up with the RPG series, the road had already drifted far before Final Fantasy XIV, a path that is for nostalgia.

Link: Regaining fans’ trust in Final Fantasy will take a “long time”, says producer FF14 (Eurogamer)

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