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God of War movie could have “dramatic changes compared to the original story,” say the writers

A movie has been talked about for years, but mostly in the form of rumor and information such as “between corridors”. However, after a while, someone released some early details. And encouraging have few.

David and Dunstan are the pair of writers in charge of the script, and told her the site Shock Till You Drop that work is progressing. Incidentally, also clarified that the film will mark some differences with others of a similar genre, as Clash of the Titans, or Immortals.

But most important of all, according to the writers, from the same have given not only permit, but have encouraged to take creative liberties with the script: “You’d think people would be super Sony closed on the original story, but we have said that we do different from these other films and if that means putting dramatic changes, no problem. “ And Melton closes saying that Sony are very involved in the process.

The truth is that all this information may seem to kick in the gonads for many fans of Kratos, because it reads on what can come out of this: a total disaster (or maybe not). By way of visual expression, 300 was once the closest thing to a God of War film, nothing would cost Sony take that foundation and build from there. Not the first time they make a carbon copy of an idea from another, and another step now would leave many happy with a film to rise to the occasion.

Link: Dunstan, Melton: God of War Adaptation Different Than Clash of the Titans, Immortals (Shock Till You Drop)

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